The Villages and WWI, 1914-1918

Monday 4 August 2014 was the one hundredth anniversary of Britain’s entry into the First World War. At least one million British and Empire service personnel were killed in the four years that followed along with tens of thousands of British civilians. Across Europe and, indeed the world, the number who died runs into many millions – a total that is impossible to calculate accurately.

Men from Alvingham and North Cockerington took part in the war and the names of those who served on the western front and did not return are recorded on the memorial in St Mary’s. They are:

SYDNEY ARNOLD WRIGHT, 3 July 1916, aged 19

SAMUEL HAND, 18 September 1916, aged 37

GEORGE BLADES, 21 March 1918, aged 23

A single white lily will be placed alongside the memorial by the Churches Conservation Trust as a mark of respect. You can find out more about our Seroquel toronto

There was a massive effort on the home front also – in mines and factories and notably in Lincolnshire on the land – where food production ensured that Britain was able to beat the German blockade. If you have any records, reminiscences and photographs of any of your family (whether military or civilian) during World War One, you might like to make them available for posting on the website. You can either scan and email them to prescription Seroquel or bring them to Cat in Shaw's Shop and she will scan them for you.

Mr John Wright
This is Mr John Wright at “The Elms” in his Ford Model T known as the Tin Lizzie.